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SAGEParenting Hub

SAGEParenting is a communiy where we share behavioural engineering insights with parents to assist them raise children of consequence in every sphere of life.

Beyond common sense parenting, there are practical, empirical and applicable insights and wisdom gleaned from behavioural engineering that can be applied and make parenting far easier. This is what SAGEParenting is about. SAGE is Success Actualisation and Goal Engineering Processes - it is a blend of insights from congnitive, social and behavioural engineering processes. We have employed this process in assisting individuals and organisations reach for a more predictable and better outcome for close to a decade.

The topical discourse holds at least twice in a month, mostly weekends.

The rules are simple:

1. We should try not to post contents at odd hours. We should consider others.

2. We should only post what is within the domain of parenting in the group.

3. We should have mutual respect for each other.

4. The group is not faith based. Therefore faith based contents or broadcasts are not allowed.

Some of our previous discourses plus more resources are below

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