SAGEParenting Exclusive

SAGEParenting Exclusive is a forum where I am going to explore specific, more detailed behavioural insights and wisdom to assist you (parents) guide yourself and your children towards achieving the impossible and living a more fulfilled life.

I will go below the surface to deploy high level behavioural and cognitive insights and approach I have used to elevate the performance of some of the organisations I have consulted for, in this exclusive session.

This exclusive class also comes with a scheduled support program for the participants, their spouses and their children. This performance support system is a 2 month coaching support.

The exlusive option is also relevant to those who desire to add to their skills of assisting other parents master the art of parenting by employing some of the best behavioural insights available.

To join our next exclusive class, please go to the section below to sign up. Once payment is made, you will receive an email invitation to the Whatsapp group that will include the pass link.

Benefits Outline:

1. More detailed behavioural approach for performance enhancement (Weekly Scheduled Sessions)

2. Online Coaching and Performance Support System for 2 months for parents and children (5 hrs scheduled coaching time slot) that the member can use. The member can also give or share the slot to family and friends who are not members or cannot afford full time coaching. 

3. Access to more materials & assessments.


Subscription Fee & Renewal:

* N10 000 

* Every 2 months.


Platform opens Thursday 23rd March 2017  and closes 23rd May 2017

Our first SAGEParenting exclusive scheduled session:

Theme: Political Child -Raising a King - The key behavioural insights the ancients used to raise children of consequence and practical ways to adopt them. (Case study - Alexander The Great & Albert Einstein plus assessment for parents and children)

Date: Friday 24th - Sunday 26th March 2017

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Minimum payable amount NGN 10,000
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