The Political Child

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When the word “Political” is said, we mostly think of government. But that is a limited scope considering where the word itself came from.

Polis (Greek) means community of people – it could be a city, business community, academic community, media community e.t.c 

Politics then is the art and science of organizing people, influencing and harnessing them to a common cause in any community of choice by combining knowledge, insights and tools in certain fields in a unique fashion not readily available on the shelf.

The central goal of a program like this is to enlighten parents in ways to set their families on the dynastical path. To set in motion a generation of enlightened, cultured, educated political class in government, business, academics, media and sports.

We are looking for parents who are thinking in generational terms for their families. We are looking for parents who do not just want to raise good children but children of influence and reckoning. Be the parents that will raise the next political class.

10 – 30 years in view.

This course is set to connect timeless ideas in psychology, sociology, …. history.

How do you raise a political child? How do you set in motion a political dynasty? What are the sets of ideas that have been deployed by families both in ancient and modern era to shape the history of a family and ultimately alter the story of the nation.

Napoleon, Alexander, The Rothshields, The Bush, Tinubus, The Sarakis, The Kennedys, The Cuomos

What is Talent Dilemma and how do successful powerful families solve it?
How does a child create a ripple of inlfuence that will become a tidal wave for him in future?
How do you set an agenda with (not for) a child with less resistance?

What mistakes do powerful families make that terminate their political influence?


what is the ultimate mistake parents du


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