Doom’s Wing – Legend of Tellam (ebook)


You are about to embark on a visual journey with Tellam into a world that will captivate and entrance you. Help Tellam solve the mystery of his birth and fight the political battles on his path. But will you?

This book, filled with intrigues, will keep you locked in till the very last page.

Solve the mystery and enjoy your fantasy.

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Legend of Tellam is set in a mystery fantasy world along the River Detoir – the river of the goddess called Denomé.

Tellam’s birth is a mystery, and in setting out to discover the truth about his life, his encounters with the people and cities along his path open old wounds, reveal past secrets, trigger political battles and tear families apart. His destiny becomes entwined with that of the goddess Denomé and she uses him as an instrument to bring justice to all who could have escaped the rod of punishment.

What could lurk within those pages?

This book will do well with anyone from the age of 14 and above who loves the work of George R. R. Martins Game of Throne and J.R.R Tolkien The Lord of the Ring.

Those who ride on Doom’s wing, must themselves, get to the the destination called Destruction. 


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