Tylor is an applied social and human behavioral scientist & consultant — he uses the results and latest advances from the behavioral sciences—specifically behavioral economics, social and cognitive psychology —to help companies, policy makers and individuals solve strategic operational and policy issues, launch successful product or political campaigns. He  works with Nigeria's finest corporations in insurance and banking.

He assists to build social engineering and cognitive behavioral insights and applicable tools backed by proper research, into political processes, corporate strategy, marketing strategy and execution, policy development, executive decision making and family process.

He counsels and coaches individuals and families to understand the social situations that facilitate (1) their empowering behavior and how to capitalize on them to achieve their grand goals and (2) their dis-empowering limiting beliefs and how to overcome them. This he achieves using well tested processes and insights in social engineering.

He has worked at various levels as personal counsel to heads of strategy, chief executives officers, marketing executives and policy development personnel of various institutions to facilitate processes that make winning easy and highly achievable.

He has had the opportunity to counsel executive management teams and political officials on how to implement social engineering tools to guide the direction of their strategy and policies, so as to influence the market easily for higher profitability.

He developed a thesis on how to build political campaign momentum, acquire social esteem, earn social capital and ultimately translate the individual and what he represents to the only alternative in the market. Visit here to learn more about this book.