Social Hack

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Business Leaders
Religious leaders
Policy makers
Sales personnel
Social and community leaders

Humans are highly irrational and unpredictable in a predictable way. We are all driven by certain instincts and most of our decisions have been influenced by masters of social art. It is these master social artists that win election in unpredictable manners, resurrect dead movements to global reckoning, enshrine a brand on the consciousness of millions of people, design policies that win the acceptance of a great number of people. It is this social artistry that is the most important education in the arsenal of anyone who desires beyond all things to lead people, build brands, stay safe in a world populated by irrational people and become who we all want to associate with.

There is an understanding that we must all possess to reign like kings in a world where humans want to be commanded.

How do we cash out by capitalizing on human and social behavior dynamics in leading a movement and causing a revolution?

This course will focus on why people do what they do and how leaders get it wrong in trying to influence people. This program is backed by research in several fields of social and behavioral sciences and explained with case studies that date as far back as 3000  BC and to present day example like brexit and trumpism.

The science of influence has been highly misunderstood and your two greatest adversaries are your education and your good intention. Once you understand how these two are stumbling plots on your path, you have gained the first awareness of influence.

After this 3 week course, you’d:

1.Understand the power of ideology and why it is the singular most potent tool of influence.

2.You’d know how to craft a simple but elegant ideology that can speak to the heart of people.

3. You’d learn about 2 language models, their implications and how they have been responsible for regime change in politics across the world and how you can implement the balance in your social design.

4. You’d understand 7 fundamental human nature and how to embed them in your campaign designs.

5. We all want 5 As. What are the 5 As that Gamers have used to create addictive games and how can you input same in your social design to create an addictive and sticky brands.

6. No, you don’t have a choice. Your choice has been influenced both intentionally and otherwise. You’d be introduced to how to design choices that hypnotize and increase your chance.

7. You’d learn about biases and how they are the most available hacks that can be exploited.

8. You’d be introduced to the psychology of tribe and crowd. What it takes convert a tribe to a profitable engine of enterprise and how to lead a tribe.

9. You’d be introduced to the psychology of Trust. Not how you have known trust though.

10. You learn about two social policy designs that cannot fail you in influencing others

11. We will ensure to let you know that good intention is the commonest currency of least value you can take to the market when you desire to influence people. Good intention does not win war, neither does it win the soul of men. So what does?

This and many other things you will learn on this 3 week journey.

Do not let your doubt stop you from becoming who you were born to be - the General amongst men.

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